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Top tips every frequent traveller should know


We’ve collected a few tips from frequent business travellers that can be used by all other business travellers. These time-saving tips help make the travelling stress-free and ensure you get to your flight with plenty time to spare.

Check-in online

Get your boarding pass up to 24 hours in advance and breeze through to immigration since you don’t have to waste your time in airport queues. Even if you’re checking in luggage, there’s usually a separate counter for ‘luggage only’. Most importantly, it tells that airline you’re coming and prevents them from selling your ticket last minute.

Put together your ‘travel’ uniform

Having a few go-to wardrobe ensembles ready helps to keep your bag light and avoids over packing.  Every season, have a few essentials are can be mix-and-matched and limit yourself to 1-2 pairs of shoes on the trip. Pack your skinniest pair of shoes and wear the most space-hogging pair to the airport. Also, rolls your clothes instead of folding them – it helps save space and allows you to see your clothes better in the luggage.

Get a worldwide plug adapter

Even landed in a foreign country and realised you didn’t bring the correct adapter? Stop wasting money on separate adaptors and get yourself a quality worldwide plug adapter- it will offer different pins and sockets to cover a wide variety of global connecting needs. Keep this in your travel bag so you will never forget to pack it. Now you’ll be fully charged and connected while travelling!

Have a bag packed with standard essentials

To save time and your sanity, keep and extra set of phone and computer chargers packed and ready to go in your travel bag. Other things to have packed and ready: a ziplock of your toiletries, portable external chargers and a small bag of medication. This is also great if you’re called last-minute and barely have time to pack.

I phone travel apps

There are so many travel apps out there to help cut down journey times, point you towards food recommendations and other problems you didn’t even realise you had. Check out our previous post where we list our favourite apps (most of which are free!)

City Crash Pad Food Guide – Aberdeen

Nicknamed the Granite City, Aberdeen is Scotland’s third most populous city and is full of magnificent castles, highland adventure and dramatic coastlines. Other than its beautiful scenery, Aberdeen has great restaurants with buzzing atmosphere and tasty food that you need to try when you’re in Scotland. Here are three of our favourites and personal recommendations.


Considered a ‘hidden gem’ by many, Moon Fish Cafe is a restaurant favourite with locals and visitors alike. The restaurant has the perfect mix of buzzy yet laid back atmosphere that creates a great ambiance.  The food is as beautiful as it is tasty and fresh, plus unique flavour combinations that definitely won’t disappoint. This place has limited seating so we highly recommend booking a table to avoid disappointment!

8 Correction Wynd, City Centre, Aberdeen AB10 1HP / 01224 644166


The Stage Door is a popular seafood and chop house, with flavours from both Scottish cuisine and continental influence. If you are looking for vegetarian and fish options, this restaurant is perfect as its menu has a good balance of meat and non-meat options. The staff here go beyond basic customer service and truly make you feel welcomed, accommodating to all needs. This place is especially popular for the pre-theatre menu as His Majesty’s theatre is close by, making it the perfect meal stop.

26 N Silver St, Aberdeen, Aberdeen City AB10 1RL / 01224 642111


If you’re craving Italian, Mi Amore on Huntly Street combines warm personal service with hearty food and friendly atmosphere. This bustling restaurant has a friendly atmosphere and is a great hangout to meet friends or book a table on the upper floor where it’s slightly quieter if you’re having a date night. If you’re a meat lover, order the Mi Amore special which is veal steak cooked to perfection! Also, pop over during lunch for their set meal which is under £8, an absolute bargain with choices between pasta, pizza and other Italian favourites.

80-82 Huntly Street Aberdeen, Aberdeen AB10 1TD / 01224639198


 Any other great places we need to try in Aberdeen? Pop the address down in the comments section and we’ll check them out!


Health & Eating for Business Travellers

Business travellers know that travelling is often similar to a marathon: It’s tough with changing time zones and overall physically tiring. To keep your vitality and health up, set aside some time for regular exercise and healthy eating.



Staying fit on the road has both benefits for your health and your business’s health. A healthy body and mind can help improve your focus and clarity when at work. There’s no equipment required except your own body which means no excuses at all! With our serviced apartments, there is ample space for you to do light exercises and stretching. Follow exercises here

You can also creatively use contents already present in the room to create a personalised workout facility.

–  Use a towel as an exercise mat for light stretching and yoga.

–  Use a chair to accompany you in your workout, you can do triceps dips

– Use a heavy phone book or filled water bottle as weights


And of course if you have running shoes and would like to go for a run, Sheffield is known for being green and having lush parks that are perfect for exercise. Weston Park and Sheffield Botanical Gardens are popular routes in Sheffield.#

Healthy Eating


Our serviced apartments are close to amenities such as supermarkets, making it easy to stock your kitchen with fruits and other healthy foods. Our kitchens are fully equipped with appliances and dinnerware so you can easily whip up a meal if you choose to dine in. Also remember to drink lots of water while travelling, carrying around a water bottle helps keep you hydrated at all times.

Remember: all things in moderation – It’s okay to order the late night take away, just not every single night if you want to maintain your target weight and feel energetic. Instead, order once in a while to curb your cravings.

Adopting good exercise and eating habits will not only give your body lots of energy, it’ll make the constant travelling less tiring. So on your next business trip, book your stay with City Crash Pad where you can easily follow these health and exercise tips.

jetlagTravelling long haul is one of the most tedious parts of travelling. Between small seats and being squished up next to strangers, it can really feel like survival of the fittest when it comes down to it. However, being prepared and packing the right essentials can help ensure smooth skies ahead. We’ve compiled a few tips to ensure you’re properly prepared for this and have the most comfortable trip possible.


1. Choose your aircraft & seat wisely.


Before purchasing your flight ticket, it’s always good to research on the type of aircraft you are most likely to be flying. This is usually stated when you book your ticket, but you can always check on This handy website also lets you know what are the superior seats in particular aircrafts and which ones have limited leg room. You are going to be the same position for few hours, so comfort is absolute key.

2. Packing a ‘survival kit’


Some things to consider packing in your toiletries bag: Eye mask, ear plugs, eye drops, nasal drops, moisturiser, face wipes,  toothpaste and toothbrush. Keep your liquids under 100ml per item and in a clear, sealable bag.


Another great item to have in your ‘survival kit’ is noise-cancelling headphones. Listen to relaxing music to drown out the sounds of a crying baby or use them when watching a movie – these are a great investment that you will get to use more than only on the airplane. 7 day shop makes one specifically for airtravel, check it out: HERE

3. Tips on falling asleep: invest in a good neck pillow


Unless you’re splashing out money for business class where you can sometimes get a flat bed, sleeping on plane is not the most comfortable. Bring a travel pillow or head restraint that will prevent your head from falling over when you sleep and avoid neck ache altogether. Don’t just buy the cheapest neck pillow available as all pillows are made differently and you will notice the difference. Invest in a good one that will last you years, we like this one from Marks and Spencers.

4. Consider bringing a change of clothes


We know many people pack an extra set of clothes in their carry-on incase their luggage gets lost in transit but we’re specifically talking about packing loungewear specifically for wearing on the plane, comfort is key! This is especially popular with business people as many of them go straight into a meeting right as they touch down. Prevent wrinkles in your shirt and get extra comfy in your lounge wear. It’s okay to put on a pair of sweatpants or tights on the plane if it means being comfortable and sleeping better. It also will make you feel better than you’re not stuck in the same clothes for the whole flight.

Do you have any other good tips when you’re flying for many hours? Share them with us in the comments, we love hearing from you.

Our New Locations!

New cities

You may have noticed through our twitter and blogposts that we have more exciting locations for our customers. City Crash Pad is based in Sheffield but now we’ve included more locations around the UK. Currently, we offer serviced apartments in Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Manchester and are constantly expanding to provide you with more comfortable places to stay when you travel.

All our serviced apartments are ideally location and provide the amenities you need to have a comfortable and enjoyable stay. Expect more space and better value for money than you would get at a hotel.

Book your stays in these exciting cities now! Follow our twitter at @citycrashpad as we tweet about exciting events not only in Sheffield but our new locations too.