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Who benefits most from serviced apartments?

Many people have seen the benefits that Serviced Apartments provide as an alternative to hotel rooms. As Serviced Apartments cater to all, here are three specific groups which serviced apartments perfectly cater to:


Business travellers

Our Serviced Apartments are great for both long-term and short-term stays and we have a dedicated corporate team to ensure your stay is stress from right from the booking to the check out. Our locations are central, with many offices and amenities within walking distance. Our spacious apartments also give you the privacy to both relax and work in comfort with proper living room space rather than having to do your work in a bedroom. Travelling as a group of staffers? No problem – we have apartments that accommodate to groups that are financially cheaper than booking individual hotel rooms.


Special needs tourists

If you have specific diet or require specially prepared meals, serviced apartments are better suited to your needs as we provide a fully equipped kitchen and fridge/freezer if you need to store your food. We ensure that just because you are travelling, you don’t have to change your routine.



Our serviced apartments range from 1-2 bedrooms, meaning we accommodate for families with children better than a hotel would. No more being cramped up in a hotel room or having two separate rooms across the hall, having a whole apartment to yourself makes a much more pleasant and easy stay.

So the next time you’re visiting Sheffield, book your stay with us at City Crash Pad and we promise you will enjoy yourself. We also have locations in Manchester, Aberdeen, Glasgow and Edinburgh on offer as we are constantly expanding. Contact us at:



City Crash Pad Food Guide – Edinburgh


Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland and the second most popular tourist destination in the United Kingdom. It’s the city where centuries of rich history and culture meet a vibrant and bustling cosmopolitan city.  Here are some of our City Crash Pad recommendations that go for those looking for a Michelin-star experience and even those on a budget.


21212 offers lush atmosphere and unique cooking that will make every foodie’s mouth water. Prepare your taste buds for a gastronomical experience at this Michelin star restaurant serving up French British food. Expect bold flavours and surprising flavour combinations. We also love their concept of the open kitchen; you get to see how things are done in the final preparation and see how they plate food to look like a work of art. Staff are friendly and serve you to the best of their abilities, nothing is ever too much for them! As this is a very small restaurant, booking is essential to avoid disappointment.

3 Royal Terrace, Edinburgh EH7 5AB, Scotland (Calton Hill) / +44 (0)131 523 1030


For an absolutely sublime meal in Edinburgh, book a table in advance at Kitchin, a Michelin star restaurant at the apex of the city’s restaurant scene.  Labelled a MUST for foodies, expect mind-blowing food combinations that will excite your taste buds. And of course, meet the man himself, Tim Kitchin, as he usually comes out to greet diners. The ambiance is both welcoming and staff are very approachable as they ensure you have the best experience at Kitchin possible.

78 Commercial Quay | Leith, Edinburgh EH6 6LX, Scotland / 0131 555 1755



Looking for delicious Indian food? Fans of Indian curries and spices must visit Gurkha Cafe & Restaurant for a meal, recommended by visitors and locals alike. Expect tasty food with flavour profiles that pack a real punch coupled with a cosy atmosphere – what more could you ask in a restaurant? They also offer a 20% discount during the day, a great deal not to be missed.

25-27 Cockburn Street, Edinburgh EH1 1BP, Scotland / 01312252832


Those on a budget will love Bijou, a chic Scottish meets British local bistro situated in the heart of Leith Links. This lovely place offers all three meals and has two menus to choose from: a classic one and its seasonal menu. The staffs are attentive and serve everyone with a smile with makes for a great casual meal stop.

2 Restalrig Road | Leith Links, Edinburgh, Scotland / 0131-538-0664


Head to Hula for a delicious breakfast, with many gluten-free options available. Voted best Edinburgh cafe in the skinny food and drink survey 2013, this place sure makes healthy food taste good. Our favourites are the smoothies with an added organic booster – your body will thank you and you’ll feel completely energised for the day. The atmosphere is just as vibrant, with enthusiastic staff and many artworks no display.

103-105 West Bow | Edinburgh, eh1 2JP, Edinburgh, Scotland / +44 131 220 1121

Book your stay in Edinburgh with City Crash Pad now and experience what this exciting city has to offer.

Happy Birthday to Sheffield-born, Jarvis Cocker!


Jarvis Cocker: A Room for London - video

Born Jarvis Brandson Cocker in 1963, he is most famously known as the front man for the band Pulp. Pulp released three albums to critical acclaim and was seem as a figurehead of the Britpop movement in the mid-1990s. Cocker has also had a successful solo career, releasing his own album, Jarvis, and currently has his own show, Jarvis Cocker’s Sunday Service, on BBC Radio 6.

In 2010, he was named Cultural Ambassador for Eurostar and is also an ambassador for the Edinburgh based charity, Scottish Love in Action.  In 2011, he returned to his alma mater, The City School, in Sheffield to talk about the secret of Pulp’s songs and how their signature style of narrative pop came about.

Packing the perfect toiletries bag

Are you an over packer? Do you always get stopped at airport security because you didn’t probably pack your liquids? It is not difficult to have a perfectly organised toiletries bag; here are some easy tips to follow to ensure a leaner, trimmer toiletries bag.

Make a list


The first thing to do is make a list of the things you need, it helps keep you organised and keeps you from over packing. If your list looks too long, you need to cut it down and only bring the essentials. It’s always comforting to bring everything but most of the time you won’t even touch half the items. Being strict on packing will not only mean you’re not over packing, it makes getting through airport security easier.

Choose a toiletries bag that’s clear


Choose a plastic zipper bag or buy a reusable clear cosmetic zipper bag that’s TSA approved. Get them at your local Boots and Superdrug, or if you’re looking to splash more cash, Flight 001 sells great quality carry-on toiletry bags. The most important things are ensuring the bag is clear, fits uk airport restriction dimensions and the zip is secure to ensure no spillage in your bag.


Packing liquids – Body washes, Shampoos and Conditioners


. While you can buy travel sized shampoos and soaps from your usual drugstore, we recommend decanting them and buying empty travel-sized containers. They are more economical and environmental friendly – a win-win situation! Primark and your local Boots and Superdrug usually have a set of travel containers but if you travel often and looking for an upgrade, we recommend GoToob from Humangear. While these seem expensive, it is easy to fill, leak proof and it’s easy to get nearly all the product out to use. As an extra step, take some masking tape to seal your containers to prevent spillage. Remember that liquids in containers larger than 100ml (even if the container is filled halfway) are not allowed through! So all containers should be no longer than 100ml

Packing liquids – Creams, and other beauty products


For items that are considered liquids but thicker in consistency, pack them in smaller round containers since it is more likely you won’t need a big amount. Examples would be your face cream or for woman, your liquid foundation. The best in the market is Gotubb from Humangear, the higher price tag is justified as they very sturdy and leak proof so you won’t have to keep buying new containers. You can also use them to store medicine, earplugs, small jewellery, snacks etc to ensure they don’t go missing in the depths of your carry on.

Look for liquid alternatives


Good news for travellers – thanks to modern times and more frequent travelling, companies have come up with more toiletries in non-liquid form so you don’t have to pack with in your toiletries bag and no spillage in your bag. For long-haul trips, get pocket laundry wash which are palm-sized dry soap sheets. Instead of liquid makeup remover, buy makeup wipes instead. Replace your body spray and perfume with a solid perfume stick. Making these small changes will save space in your toiletries and keep your bag light.

Keep it in an easily accessible part of your bag

While airport security rules vary from country to country, it is best to assume you will need to scan your toiletries bag separately during airport security. Place your bag in a side pouch or at the top of your bag, making it easy to reach for it and not holding up the queue as you rummage through your bag.


And you are all set! Putting some effort into packing your toiletries bag can save you a-lot of time and stress. Share with us your tips in the comments.

Sheffield Students Discount


September is a pretty busy season for Sheffield as many students start pouring back into the city. It’s no surprise that many students from the UK and across the globe choose our city to attend University of Sheffield or Sheffield Hallam. Sheffield is a friendly city and it’s always easy to get around. Plus, it has been voted the happiest city in the country and Sheffield Uni has won the top spot for student satisfaction in 2014’s Times Higher Education Student Experience Survey. Amazing stuff!


City Crash Pad warmly welcomes all new and returning students to Sheffield, as well as their families with an exclusive discount (kick-starting September the best way possible!). Book your stay at a City Crash Pad Serviced Apartment and get 15% off your stay*, simply quote ‘Sheffstudent’ when making your booking. Our serviced apartments are perfect for families visiting as the apartments provide more amenities than a hotel and are centrally located, a short walking distance to both university campuses.

Contact us at for more information about this fantastic offer. We recommend booking in advance to avoid disappointment!

*Minimum 2 night stay, Terms and Conditions apply.