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Who benefits most from serviced apartments?

Many people have seen the benefits that Serviced Apartments provide as an alternative to hotel rooms. As Serviced Apartments cater to all, here are three specific groups which serviced apartments perfectly cater to:


Business travellers

Our Serviced Apartments are great for both long-term and short-term stays and we have a dedicated corporate team to ensure your stay is stress from right from the booking to the check out. Our locations are central, with many offices and amenities within walking distance. Our spacious apartments also give you the privacy to both relax and work in comfort with proper living room space rather than having to do your work in a bedroom. Travelling as a group of staffers? No problem – we have apartments that accommodate to groups that are financially cheaper than booking individual hotel rooms.


Special needs tourists

If you have specific diet or require specially prepared meals, serviced apartments are better suited to your needs as we provide a fully equipped kitchen and fridge/freezer if you need to store your food. We ensure that just because you are travelling, you don’t have to change your routine.



Our serviced apartments range from 1-2 bedrooms, meaning we accommodate for families with children better than a hotel would. No more being cramped up in a hotel room or having two separate rooms across the hall, having a whole apartment to yourself makes a much more pleasant and easy stay.

So the next time you’re visiting Sheffield, book your stay with us at City Crash Pad and we promise you will enjoy yourself. We also have locations in Manchester, Aberdeen, Glasgow and Edinburgh on offer as we are constantly expanding. Contact us at: info@citycrashpad.com



Four Ways Serviced Apartments Keep Your Stay Stress-Free

Everyone in one place

Hotel rooms are usually limited on space and fit only 2 adults in one room; if you have children then they may provide you with a pull-out bed at an extra cost. Booking an apartment that is big enough for everyone is easy since serviced apartments vary from one bedroom to two bedroom apartments. This means that everyone can stay together in comfortable space and not have to resort to splitting up.


Relax as we take care of the chores

No one likes to do chores and clean during the holiday/business trip. We provide cleaning services to take care of your towels and bedding so that you can concentrate on enjoying your stay instead of worrying about the chores.


Your own space to enjoy

Booking an apartment over a hotel room or hostel is an easy decision as an apartment gives you more benefits with the main one being the amount of living space you get to enjoy. City Crash Pad Serviced Apartments includes a living room, dining area and kitchen that you can take advantage of during your stay. So why book a hotel room when you can book a spacious serviced apartment today.


All the facilities you need

It’s not uncommon for hotels to charge you extra for wifi, or not have a laundrette available if you want to wash your clothes whilst you are away.  City Crash Pad Serviced Apartments provide free Wi-Fi and a washer/dryer in every apartment so you never have to worry about paying extra.


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