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Uniquely Sheffield, Street Art

Street Art is a developing art form that’s becoming a mainstay in pop-culture and Sheffield is one city with a diverse street art and graffiti scene.  Many people have walked around the city searching for new artwork and almost every time, something completely brand new can be found. Here are few artists with a continued presence in Sheffield and worldwide that you should know about and should look out for.

One of the best works around Sheffield is by Phlegm, cartoonist and street artist who has risen to worldwide fame. Born in North Wales and now residing in Sheffield, Phlegm is one of the most exciting street artists in the world, famous for his intricate and precise fantastical characters from his imagination. His work inspires greatness and if often inspired by graffiti where Phlegm transforms run down urban spaces and factories. In the last few years, Phlegm has travelled and been invited to paint all over the world.

street-art   street-art-2




Another popular artist with works around Sheffield is Kid Acne. He was born in Malawi, grew up in Leicestershire and now currently lives and works in Sheffield where his comic-like illustrations can be seen throughout the city. While studying fine art in Sheffield, his work gained the attention of WARP records which led him to illustrate the LP sleeve for Rest Proof Clockwork in 1999. From there, his work began to appear as backdrops for UK club nights and style magazines around Europe. Currently, his illustrations have adorned products for brands such as Kenza, Prada and Kid Robot and his art can be seen worldwide from Beijing to Paris. His signature style involves cartoons which are both playful yet inventive, and catchy slogan pieces that will make you think twice.

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Born and raised in Sheffield, Faunagraphic has a continued presence in Sheffield and worldwide. As a female British graffiti artist in a world mostly dominated by men, she refreshes the genre with her organic feminine style with a touch of elegance. Her unique style lends beauty and an element of hope to the urban areas her pieces are placed and has now expanded to working with large clients such as Ikea, Converse and TOMS shoes.

One of her more recent pieces is the mural of Harry Brearley, the man who discovered stainless steel in Sheffield in the 1913. Take a look at this amazing art piece for yourself; it’s at Howard Street which is just a stone throw’s away from the train station.

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