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City Crash Pad Food Guide – Sheffield


After covering the other cities we’ve expanded to, we’ve saved the best for last – Sheffield! Here are a few of our favourite budget eats that are not only value for money, they are real tasty eats that we think you should try. Best of all, all these places are close to the city centre and located near all our serviced apartment locations so if you’re staying with us, do pay a visit to these great places in Sheffield!


For a quick and affordable meal on-the-go, we love getting a falafel wrap from Fanoush.  This Falafel Salad Bar serves up middle-eastern wraps and salad boxes that are vegetarian-friendly and absolutely delicious. Expect a wide range of hummus, vegetables, fresh falafels and hot grilled halloumi. They also serve up aubergines and cauliflower if you want more to choose from. All around, one of our favourite places to get a meal to go.

100 Pinstone Street, Sheffield S1 2HQ, England / +44 114 327 3134


Another great takeaway place that is fiercely loved by locals is Edo Sushi Takeaway, a small Japanese-run takeout place in the heart of the Sheffield City Centre. They pride themselves on quality ingredients, meaning customers get to taste fresh sashimi and sushi at affordable prices. Lunch Specials run from 12-2.30pm every weekday, including one hot special and a variety of sushi boxes to choose from. Deliveries start in the evening which make it the perfect dinner choice when you’re too lazy to leave the house (free deliveries to S1 & S3, conveniently where our serviced apartments are located). Our personal favourites are the Godzilla Rolls and Salmon Deluxe Sashimi.

 24 – 26 High Court Chambers, Sheffield S1 2EP, England / +44 114 275 5123


Tucked away at Westfield Terrace is Tamper Coffee, an independently opened Kiwi-style coffee shop. This specialist place offers boasts a wide range of coffees on offer, including a brew bar for coffee fanatics. To accompany your beverage, Tamper offers up some real good sandwiches and pies that we highly recommend. With much popularity this place has gained through the years, Tamper has opened another branch at Arundel Gate with more seating space and a bigger food menu – the perfect place for a heart weekend brunch.

 9 Westfield Terrace, Sheffield S1 4GH, England / 0114 327 1080


Fancy some Chinese food? Dim Sum Restaurant is a contemporary Cantonese, Seafood and Dim Sum Chinese Cuisine that serves up an authentic meal. If you love to ‘Yum-Cha’, this is the place for you as Dim Sum is served all day and is rated one of the top 10 dim sum restaurants in the UK. Staff here are really friendly and always welcoming, another plus that makes us love this place.

 201 London Road, Sheffield, England / 0114 255 0467


Head down to The Great Gatsby for a Mexican-oriented pub grub. They’ve teamed up with Shy Boy Cantina to bring you quesadillas, burritos, tacos and other delicious Mexican food.  While the food menu may seem limited, every dish packs a punch! Tip: leave room for desserts, the churros are freshly made and are piping hot when they are served, perfect for dipping into the accompanying melted chocolate. If you visit later in the night, choose one out of the many cocktails on the menu. Can we declare this the best cocktails in Sheffield? Try their Pina Coladas and judge for yourself!

 73-75 Division Street, Sheffield S14GE, England / +(44)1142763939



Situated right in the heart of West Street is a gem of a pub called the Wick at Both Ends. This place serves up an extensive selection of cocktails and wine but the real star is their modern British food on offer. They don’t just serve your usual pub grub, they turn it up a notch and put their twists on traditional favourites like fish and chips. The menu also changes seasonally, keeping diners excited for what new dishes will be on offer. We once had an earl grey crème brulee which was so memorable that we cross our fingers they bring it back soon. PS: book a table in advance if you’re heading there on a Friday or Saturday night as it can get quite busy.

149-151 West Street, Sheffield S1 4EW, England / +44 114 272 3039

This is just one of many more posts to come about Sheffield! We love this city and can’t wait to share more about it with you. Let us know what are your favourites and who you think we should feature in our next blog post.

Who benefits most from serviced apartments?

Many people have seen the benefits that Serviced Apartments provide as an alternative to hotel rooms. As Serviced Apartments cater to all, here are three specific groups which serviced apartments perfectly cater to:


Business travellers

Our Serviced Apartments are great for both long-term and short-term stays and we have a dedicated corporate team to ensure your stay is stress from right from the booking to the check out. Our locations are central, with many offices and amenities within walking distance. Our spacious apartments also give you the privacy to both relax and work in comfort with proper living room space rather than having to do your work in a bedroom. Travelling as a group of staffers? No problem – we have apartments that accommodate to groups that are financially cheaper than booking individual hotel rooms.


Special needs tourists

If you have specific diet or require specially prepared meals, serviced apartments are better suited to your needs as we provide a fully equipped kitchen and fridge/freezer if you need to store your food. We ensure that just because you are travelling, you don’t have to change your routine.



Our serviced apartments range from 1-2 bedrooms, meaning we accommodate for families with children better than a hotel would. No more being cramped up in a hotel room or having two separate rooms across the hall, having a whole apartment to yourself makes a much more pleasant and easy stay.

So the next time you’re visiting Sheffield, book your stay with us at City Crash Pad and we promise you will enjoy yourself. We also have locations in Manchester, Aberdeen, Glasgow and Edinburgh on offer as we are constantly expanding. Contact us at: info@citycrashpad.com



Packing the perfect toiletries bag

Are you an over packer? Do you always get stopped at airport security because you didn’t probably pack your liquids? It is not difficult to have a perfectly organised toiletries bag; here are some easy tips to follow to ensure a leaner, trimmer toiletries bag.

Make a list


The first thing to do is make a list of the things you need, it helps keep you organised and keeps you from over packing. If your list looks too long, you need to cut it down and only bring the essentials. It’s always comforting to bring everything but most of the time you won’t even touch half the items. Being strict on packing will not only mean you’re not over packing, it makes getting through airport security easier.

Choose a toiletries bag that’s clear


Choose a plastic zipper bag or buy a reusable clear cosmetic zipper bag that’s TSA approved. Get them at your local Boots and Superdrug, or if you’re looking to splash more cash, Flight 001 sells great quality carry-on toiletry bags. The most important things are ensuring the bag is clear, fits uk airport restriction dimensions and the zip is secure to ensure no spillage in your bag.


Packing liquids – Body washes, Shampoos and Conditioners


. While you can buy travel sized shampoos and soaps from your usual drugstore, we recommend decanting them and buying empty travel-sized containers. They are more economical and environmental friendly – a win-win situation! Primark and your local Boots and Superdrug usually have a set of travel containers but if you travel often and looking for an upgrade, we recommend GoToob from Humangear. While these seem expensive, it is easy to fill, leak proof and it’s easy to get nearly all the product out to use. As an extra step, take some masking tape to seal your containers to prevent spillage. Remember that liquids in containers larger than 100ml (even if the container is filled halfway) are not allowed through! So all containers should be no longer than 100ml

Packing liquids – Creams, and other beauty products


For items that are considered liquids but thicker in consistency, pack them in smaller round containers since it is more likely you won’t need a big amount. Examples would be your face cream or for woman, your liquid foundation. The best in the market is Gotubb from Humangear, the higher price tag is justified as they very sturdy and leak proof so you won’t have to keep buying new containers. You can also use them to store medicine, earplugs, small jewellery, snacks etc to ensure they don’t go missing in the depths of your carry on.

Look for liquid alternatives


Good news for travellers – thanks to modern times and more frequent travelling, companies have come up with more toiletries in non-liquid form so you don’t have to pack with in your toiletries bag and no spillage in your bag. For long-haul trips, get pocket laundry wash which are palm-sized dry soap sheets. Instead of liquid makeup remover, buy makeup wipes instead. Replace your body spray and perfume with a solid perfume stick. Making these small changes will save space in your toiletries and keep your bag light.

Keep it in an easily accessible part of your bag

While airport security rules vary from country to country, it is best to assume you will need to scan your toiletries bag separately during airport security. Place your bag in a side pouch or at the top of your bag, making it easy to reach for it and not holding up the queue as you rummage through your bag.


And you are all set! Putting some effort into packing your toiletries bag can save you a-lot of time and stress. Share with us your tips in the comments.

Health & Eating for Business Travellers

Business travellers know that travelling is often similar to a marathon: It’s tough with changing time zones and overall physically tiring. To keep your vitality and health up, set aside some time for regular exercise and healthy eating.



Staying fit on the road has both benefits for your health and your business’s health. A healthy body and mind can help improve your focus and clarity when at work. There’s no equipment required except your own body which means no excuses at all! With our serviced apartments, there is ample space for you to do light exercises and stretching. Follow exercises here

You can also creatively use contents already present in the room to create a personalised workout facility.

–  Use a towel as an exercise mat for light stretching and yoga.

–  Use a chair to accompany you in your workout, you can do triceps dips

– Use a heavy phone book or filled water bottle as weights


And of course if you have running shoes and would like to go for a run, Sheffield is known for being green and having lush parks that are perfect for exercise. Weston Park and Sheffield Botanical Gardens are popular routes in Sheffield.#

Healthy Eating


Our serviced apartments are close to amenities such as supermarkets, making it easy to stock your kitchen with fruits and other healthy foods. Our kitchens are fully equipped with appliances and dinnerware so you can easily whip up a meal if you choose to dine in. Also remember to drink lots of water while travelling, carrying around a water bottle helps keep you hydrated at all times.

Remember: all things in moderation – It’s okay to order the late night take away, just not every single night if you want to maintain your target weight and feel energetic. Instead, order once in a while to curb your cravings.

Adopting good exercise and eating habits will not only give your body lots of energy, it’ll make the constant travelling less tiring. So on your next business trip, book your stay with City Crash Pad where you can easily follow these health and exercise tips.

jetlagTravelling long haul is one of the most tedious parts of travelling. Between small seats and being squished up next to strangers, it can really feel like survival of the fittest when it comes down to it. However, being prepared and packing the right essentials can help ensure smooth skies ahead. We’ve compiled a few tips to ensure you’re properly prepared for this and have the most comfortable trip possible.


1. Choose your aircraft & seat wisely.


Before purchasing your flight ticket, it’s always good to research on the type of aircraft you are most likely to be flying. This is usually stated when you book your ticket, but you can always check on seatguru.com. This handy website also lets you know what are the superior seats in particular aircrafts and which ones have limited leg room. You are going to be the same position for few hours, so comfort is absolute key.

2. Packing a ‘survival kit’


Some things to consider packing in your toiletries bag: Eye mask, ear plugs, eye drops, nasal drops, moisturiser, face wipes,  toothpaste and toothbrush. Keep your liquids under 100ml per item and in a clear, sealable bag.


Another great item to have in your ‘survival kit’ is noise-cancelling headphones. Listen to relaxing music to drown out the sounds of a crying baby or use them when watching a movie – these are a great investment that you will get to use more than only on the airplane. 7 day shop makes one specifically for airtravel, check it out: HERE

3. Tips on falling asleep: invest in a good neck pillow


Unless you’re splashing out money for business class where you can sometimes get a flat bed, sleeping on plane is not the most comfortable. Bring a travel pillow or head restraint that will prevent your head from falling over when you sleep and avoid neck ache altogether. Don’t just buy the cheapest neck pillow available as all pillows are made differently and you will notice the difference. Invest in a good one that will last you years, we like this one from Marks and Spencers.

4. Consider bringing a change of clothes


We know many people pack an extra set of clothes in their carry-on incase their luggage gets lost in transit but we’re specifically talking about packing loungewear specifically for wearing on the plane, comfort is key! This is especially popular with business people as many of them go straight into a meeting right as they touch down. Prevent wrinkles in your shirt and get extra comfy in your lounge wear. It’s okay to put on a pair of sweatpants or tights on the plane if it means being comfortable and sleeping better. It also will make you feel better than you’re not stuck in the same clothes for the whole flight.

Do you have any other good tips when you’re flying for many hours? Share them with us in the comments, we love hearing from you.

How to Beat Jetlag

If you’re a frequent traveller, the symptoms of jet lag are all too familiar. Disturbed sleep, daytime fatigue and difficulty concentrating are all symptoms we experience when we travel quickly across the time zones.



Why do we experience jetlag? Travelling long distances at high speed throws our bodies off balance and the change in time zones can confuse our bodies. People will find that travelling east produces the worst jet lag since travellers are trying to fall asleep when their bodies are actually waking up.

Here are some helpful tips on how to combat jetlag and feel less sluggish!

  1. Start shifting your sleep 30 minutes – 1 hour per day in the few days before you fly. This helps reduce the amount of time difference your body clock needs to shift when you arrive at your destination.
  2. Think it’s better to stay up all night before your flight so you’ll be tired and more likely to sleep on the plane? False! It’s better to be fully rested before you travel and helps you better adjust and cope with jetlag. Plus, getting through security in a tired and grumpy state is never good.
  3. When you get on the plane, switch your watch to the time of your destination to help psychologically aligned yourself and know when your meal times and sleeping times would be.
  4. Having a stopover can help as it gives your body more time to adapt to the new routine.  It’s also a great opportunity to explore an exciting new city so fit some time in for a stopover.
  5. Dehydration is common during and after a flight since the air is dry, so increase your fluid intake. Avoid taking alcohol while flying as it can increase tiredness and dehydration as it is likely to disrupt your sleep upon arrival.

Do you have any other tips? We would love for you to share them with us in the comment section or tweet us at @Citycrashpad.

Benefits of Serviced Apartments for Business Travellers


Being away from home is  inevitable for business travellers. With an increasing demand for travel, it’s imperative to make the right choice when choosing your accommodation.

Savvy business travellers are now seeing the benefits that serviced apartments have over hotels. City Crash Pad caters to the needs of the business traveller and takes 3 things into account when ensuring the perfect stay: location, comfort and value.

All our serviced apartments are ideally located within walking distance of the city centre. We provide more than just a bed for the night; our locations provide convenience in terms of restaurants, entertainment venues and high street shops right at your doorstep.

Apartments come with a fully equipped kitchen and living room – perfect for when you need to do work or kick back and watch some TV. We also provide free wifi to ensure you are always connected and conference calls are never a problem.

We guarantee value for money when you stay in a serviced apartment with City Crash Pad. You get more space, more amenities and more flexibility than you would when staying in a hotel.

So on your next business trip, book with City Crash Pad and experience the luxury and practicality of one of our serviced apartments.